ASMR Pharmacy for Lost Tingles, Relax, Sleep


O.G. Tingles has opened his sidewalk pharmacy to better serve the tingle-droid community.. he will restore lost tingles and help you relax and maybe even sleep… enjoy

0:00 the pharmacy.
1:11 laser pointer.
2:33 bag o’ tingles.
5:58 tingle powder. Pill bottle with powder
8:20 thinkin’ pad. Foam tapping
9:45 heavy tingles. Tea bag
15:55 subtle plastic crinkles. No description needed
18:02 good ol’ packaging material. Bubble wrap
20:26 tingle prescription. Paper crinkles
21:12 a combo. Bubble wrap + paper
23:00 most potent tingle serum. Dropper, fluid
24:55 inaudible.
thnx to “digital_static” for timestamps

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