IN LIES WE TRUST – The Secret Pharmaceutical Drug Conspiracy


UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please Vote Thumbs-Up) Many people are saying that the government is not telling the truth about its involvement in Bioterrorism. This documentary exposes a medical madness which is cloaked in Bio-terrorism preparedness and the agents and agencies behind which comprise Hollywood films and the media which is responsible for creating a profitable culture of Bio-terrorism, a “War on Terrorism” used to control populations as well as the most lucrative war in history – the War on disease such as the “War on Cancer,” the “War on AIDS” triggered by contaminated vaccines; sales of toxic drugs, deadly vaccines, the onslaught of dozens of new immunological diseases and deadly flues; anthrax, and health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for conducting a “War of Terror” that may be responsible for killing millions of unwitting Americans.

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