How to know about Validation process in pharma industry in Telugu || Pharma Guide


• In this video, we are discussing about Validation process in pharma industry.

• Validation is the process of establishing documentary evidence.

• It is demonstrating that a procedure, process or activity carried out in testing.

• And then production maintains the desired level of compliance at all stages.

• The validation is involved four types of processes, those are

• 1. Analytical method validation

• 2. Equipment validation

• 3. Process validation

• 4. Cleaning validation

• These validations are used for different types of methods, some of them are

• We can calculate the accurate values in this validation process.

• By using this validation, we can find the precision values.

• The validation process is used for to specify the products.

• It is used for to detect the limit of product.

• We can calculate the limit of quantitation.

• By using this validation process, we can fix the linearity and range of the product. #pharmaguideradhakrishna #PharmaGuide